About Us

Glenn Filtness started Coastal Fitness bootcamp from a lifelong love of health and fitness, giving him a seasoned edge and true understanding of how to get results. His biggest motivation is his beautiful family, who share his love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Having a strong passion for fitness assisted Glenn in achieving a successful career within the Australian Army for over 10 years, where he served in both the Regular Army and with the Special Forces. His love and knowledge of health and fitness has developed during his career; he has taken much enjoyment and pride from preparing training for his troops assisting in the achievement of goals.


Although Glenn uses functional military style training for his bootcamp, he believes that a fitness journey requires a holistic approach encompassing both body and mind. He offers professional support throughout, and takes a genuine interest in all his clients.


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Coastal Fitness Bootcamp Instructor Army


Glenn joined the Australian Army in 2005, and during his eleven years of service has completed multiple deployments to Afghanistan. His time within the Army has taught him what it takes to prepare someone mentally and physically to be at their best.

Glenn has completed both Certificate III and IV in fitness, complementing the military fitness courses attended throughout his career. He also wishes to maintain his current knowledge of best practice within the fitness industry by attending further courses in both fitness and nutrition; benefiting his members by providing them with the most up to date training and information.

Core values

At Coastal Fitness, integrity is of utmost importance. Working within the military your colleagues become your family, and their well-being is just as important as yours. This is the community that you will be surrounded by when you join Coastal Fitness.

Strong emphasis is placed on the following three principles; teamwork, respect and resilience.

Teamwork : It is important that we all encourage each other and work together to achieve goals. As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” This is the epitome of Coastal fitness’s 12 week bootcamp. As a team we will achieve success together.

Respect : Respecting each other, the trainers and most importantly yourself.

Resilience : Develop the ability to adapt to stress and adversity both physically and mentally.

Coastal Fitness Bootcamp Instructor Filtness