Bootcamp and Personal Training

Achieve your health and fitness goals training outdoors

Outdoor Group Training

Focus is placed on proven methods of functional training; moving in effective ways to provide an overall healthier body. Coastal Fitness places emphasis on achieving an optimum instructor to client ratio. This allows Coastal Fitness to provide high quality training and limit and potential for injury.


We specialise in the following areas:

Decreasing body fat.

Increasing strength.

Increasing endurance.

Increasing flexibility.

Increasing mental resilience.

Last but not least, increasing self-confidence.


If there is an area of fitness you would like to target that is not on the above list, please contact us and we will be happy to assist in any way we can. 


Ongoing support through your fitness journey will be provided not only by the fully qualified Coastal Fitness trainers, but also internally from the community (fitness family) you are about to join. Teamwork is the first core value, and we can not emphasise the importance of working together. We encourage all members to support each other, regardless of fitness level. Working together we can achieve everyone's desired goals; whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, increased confidence or just making new friends.


One on one interviews are conducted for all new members, ascertaining specific goals you want to achieve. Monthly fitness testing and regular goal updates are provided by Coastal Fitness to ensure you are achieving your desired goals.


Nutrition is the foundation of any fitness journey. Included with your membership, is a nutrition guide to compliment your training. This guide will provide you with the knowledge required to maximise your training, and assist in giving you much needed energy for both training and recovery.


Be assured this guide is not a diet! Diets usually have a beginning and and end, this guide is a knowledge database on basic changes you need to make to feed your body with the fuel it requires to be at its best. Following this guide and attending all group fitness sessions will guarantee results.

Coastal Fitness also offers a range of personal training packages to suit all requirements.

1 on 1 Personal Training


Coastal Fitness offers 45-60 minute personal training sessions, where you can truely target your fitness potential. These sessions are uniquely designed to meet your goal, and can be done in a location of your choice. You will be introduced to new exercises, and a variety of equipment to keep you interested.

Small group training 


We offer personalised packages for small groups (2 - 4) of friends who want to train together. Training with friends not only adds more fun to the session, it increases motivation and brings out the competitor in everyone. Helping each other to stay accountable and achieve goals assists with motivation to train. 



We have training packages to suit all budgets, contact Coastal Fitness to discuss a package that is suitable for you. 

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